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Paul Mengert, AMG Teaches HOA Staff How to Serve Owners Best

March 17, 2019

Paul Mengert

From the perspective of Paul Mengert, Association Management Group (AMG) CEO, his company has always served and continues to serve an important educational function. The firm serves as an important reminder of his where his roots. Paul Mengert’s life has been spent in service to his community of Greensboro, North Carolina especially when it comes to education. He founded Association Management Group in Greensboro in 1984 because he had been born and raised there and wanted to support his community.

His community involvement doesn’t stop there, however. Under Paul Mengert’s leadership, AMG participates in activities designed to make the community better, such as a food drive for Greensboro Urban Ministry, which collected more than 1 million pounds of food for the poor in The Carolinas, primarily in Greensboro. The love he has for his community is strong and it leads him to give back whenever he can. Paul Mengert doesn’t only run AMG, he also teaches what he knows extensively to anyone who sees value in education. He loves being part of such a great program because he likes both sides of education, in that he not only teaches others, but he learns from others, as well.